The Cypress Montessori Academy, Building a Foundation for Learning & Life
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"Cypress Montessori Academy has been a wonderful preschool for my children.  The teachers and staff are dedicated to providing a warm and friendly learning environment, and my children have truly enjoyed attending the school.  I am amazed at the breadth of education taught to the children, while still keeping it age-appropriate and fun. I would highly recommend the school to any parent who is looking for a preschool that provides the essential fundamentals for kindergarten."

- Cathy I.

"It's a great school!  The staff is dedicated, they have helped build a strong foundation academically for both my children.  As a parent I feel very lucky to be part of this school."

- Priyanka Garg 

"My child has learned so much from Cypress Montessori.  I was greatly impressed by the teaching techniques used;  my child not only learned manners and courtesy but he was also taught multiplication and division!  All I have to say is, Wow!  Within a short period of time he accomplished so much."

- T.R.  

"I was so grateful to the staff for teaching my child.  I only wish they taught 2nd grade and upwards.  My child only attended this school for 6 months and began to read, write, and do addition!  I kid you not, it was incredible.  My shy child began performing at all their concerts, and has so much confidence in herself.  Enrolling my child was the best decision my husband and I have ever made."

- I.P.

"Cypress Montessori has provided tender love and care to my most precious possession.  I am grateful for all that she has learned and the warm atmosphere of the school.  I recommend all my friends and colleagues to this school."

- R.M.

"I was impressed immediately when I first came to this school.  A friend recommended it, and when my husband and I saw how well behaved the children were, we definitely knew it was the right school for our little one.  The staff has so much patience, and the students are always occupied with work to do.  They are taught Spanish and music.  I am very happy with Cypress Montessori."

- C. Lee

"I am grateful for the staff, they have taught my child so much.  She gained many lasting friendships.  We recommend this school to anyone seeking to enrich their child's life."

- A.P.